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The best bot for retweeting twitter giveaways!

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Do you want free stuff?
Do you like to win?
Do you want to participate in twitter giveaways but you dont have the time to search and retweet?
Yatcobot is the solution! A bot that search and retweet giveaways automatically!


  • Search for new giveaways Search and queue tweets to retweet, with a customizable way
  • Retweet Obviously…
  • Advanced sort Prioritize tweets found based on parameters like user defined keywords, age and popularity
  • Notification Can notify you using pushbullet when someone mentions you so you can quickly get your precious gift

Follow these steps for a quick start


The easiest way to install is:

pip install yatcobot

For more installation methods see (See more at Installation)


Before starting you must get api keys from twitter. You can get these keys from here. (See more at How to get twitter api keys)

You must create a config named config.yaml and must at least set the api keys. A minimal config.yaml is

    consumer_key: your_consumer_key
    consumer_secret: your_consumer_secret
    access_token_key: your_access_token
    access_token_secret: your_access_token_secret

You can edit config.sample.yaml that is placed in the root of the project (dont forget to rename it to config.yaml) or view the sample on github

Config file is loaded automatically from specific paths. The paths that are searched for config.yaml are (from highest priority to lowest):

  1. ./config.yaml
    Search for config in the current working directory
  2. ~/.config/Yatcobot/config.yaml
    Search in config folder. If for example your username is user the full path will be /home/user/.config/Yatcobot/config.yaml
  3. default
    The default config that is packaged with the bot.

Also you can define another config with the –config argument, which will have the highest priority

Higher priority configs override settings that are defined in the lower. So in your config you only need to define the changes. (See more at Config options)


In the directory where your config.yaml run:


Or you can specify the path of config with:

yatcobot --config=/path/to/config.yaml

For more command line options (See more at Command Line Arguments)

Now just wait for all the free gifts!


For more info visit our docs: