Command Line ArgumentsΒΆ

Yatcobot supports a number of command line arguments for configuration during launch

usage: [-h] [--login] [--config CONFIG]
                   [--ignore_list IGNORE_LIST] [--log LOGFILE] [--debug]

Yatcobot: a bot for entering twitter contests

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config CONFIG, -c CONFIG
                        Path of the config file
  --ignore_list IGNORE_LIST, -i IGNORE_LIST
                        Path of the ignore file
  --log LOGFILE         Path of log file
  --debug               Enable debug
  --test-mail           Test mail settings
-h, --help Prints help with all the available command line options
--config, -c

config.yaml by default. The path of the configuration file that will be used.

Example usage:

yatcobot --config /path/to/config.yaml
--ignore_list, -i

ignorelist by default. The path of the ignore_list file, that stores the tweets that have been retweeted.

Example usage: --ignore_list /path/to/ignorelist
--log, -l

Enables logging output to a file. Example usage:

./yatcobot --log /path/to/out.log
--debug Enables verbose output. Used for debug purposes
--test-mail Send a test email to your mail notfication recipient